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“Looking For Aurora CO Physical Therapy For Better Movement?”


*If you’re looking for physical therapy in Northglenn CO, we are now open for business and we welcome all new patients and walk-ins. Please take note of the Northglenn CO address: 11411 Pearl St. Northglenn, CO 80233 – thanks and we hope to treat you soon.


Physical Therapy In Aurora CO

If you came here seeking physical therapy in Aurora CO, we can help! Physical therapy is a large part of your recovery at Injury Rehabilitation Specialists. All of our physical therapists


and their assistants are highly trained and licensed and pursue their work with a true spirit of commitment and dedication. Making you better is their job!

When an injury causes pain and limits your physical movement, making it difficult to do common, everyday things like getting out of bed, getting into a car or the shower, or prevents you from enjoying the things you used to be able to do like walking, swimming, or playing a sport, then physical therapy is necessary to restore as much mobility as possible.

After your comprehensive medical by your doctor and if the doctor decides it is appropriate for you to see a therapist, your physical therapist will examine your injury, assess the current range of motion, and then recommend a plan of treatment to restore flexibility, endurance, strength, balance, and coordination. They’ll review your medical history and look at the findings from imaging tests like x-rays, MRIs, or CT scans.

With the Aurora CO physical therapy, the first step is to reduce any pain and swelling associated with the injury. This may involve treatments such as manual therapy, heat and cold treatments, ultrasound or electrical stimulation and many other tools that your therapist have at their disposal. They might also recommend prosthetic devices to aid mobility and will help you to design a healthy lifestyle centered around increased physical activity.

A physical therapist will almost always prescribe exercise as a treatment, such as walking, stretching, lifting weights, and core exercises. Often the treatments themselves may cause some swelling and pain, especially when you’re first beginning a program. Don’t hesitate to let your physical therapist know if a treatment is causing too much discomfort.

Physical therapists often specialize in a particular area, such as sports injuries, wound care, neck and back pain, orthopedics, neurological conditions, and the treatment of the very young or older patients. With a large and diverse staff of physical therapists, Injury Rehabilitation Specialists can assure you’ll see the right person for your particular situation.


Provided you’re looking for a way to improve your moving mechanics and you wish to see a PT for help with physical disability, injuries and other concerns regarding movement, contact Injury Rehabilitation Specialists and request an appointment for Aurora CO physical therapy.


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