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Pain Medication in Aurora CO

When suffering from pain, the first action many people take is open the medicine cabinet and take an oral pain reliever, whether an over-the-counter remedy or a prescription medication. However, many issues with pain, inflammation and muscle tension can be treated just as effectively with topical pain relievers.

Using a topical medicine over an oral preparation is especially beneficial for those who use pain medications more regularly, such as those suffering from chronic pain.


Localized Treatment for Pain Medication in Aurora:

One of the primary benefits of using topical pain management methods is that treatment remains localized to the affected area. When an oral medication is used to treat pain, the medication is transported through the blood stream, impacting the entire body along with the area in pain. Topical pain medications allow users to introduce the medicine directly to the affected area, concentrating the effects of the medicine where it’s needed most. Though applied locally, research shows that the application of topical pain medications results in minimum equal levels of medicine in the tissue compared to orally administered medications.


Speed of Effect of Pain Medications:

Another benefit of using a topical pain medication over oral options is the amount of time it takes for the drug to work. The active ingredients in a topical pain relief do not need to travel through the digestive system and bloodstream to reach the area causing pain. Instead, the ingredients are absorbed directly into the affected area, speeding up how quickly pain relief is experienced. Advancements in topical administration vehicles (i.e. creams) have substantially increased the onset of action.


Systemic Side Effects of Pain Medication In Aurora CO:

One of the largest drawbacks to using any pain medication is the potential for systemic side effects that come with taking the drug orally.

Standard pain treatments may result in side effects in some patients, including rash, nausea, upset stomach, ulcers, heartburn, fatigue, depression and even organ damage depending on the medication, frequency of use and the dosage. Since topical medications are applied directly to the affected areas, spread of the active ingredients into the bloodstream and to other areas of the body is minimized, resulting in less risks for side effects.


Compounding In Relation to Pain Medication In Aurora CO:

Like many oral medications, topical medications can be customized directly for each individual patient through the process of compounding. Prescription compounding allows a pharmacist to adjust ingredient levels and combine medications to provide a specific and individualized treatment for those suffering from pain.

Not all pain is the same or comes from the same tissue. Compounding allows doctors and pharmacists to work together to choose specific active ingredients based on both the suspected type of pain receptors involved as well as the area of the body where the pain originates from, treating each patient individually for maximum results.

Living in an age where pain medication in Aurora CO is readily available and affordable provides hope for those living with acute or chronic pain, inflammation and nerve problems. However, an additional benefit of today’s continuing advances in pain medicine includes more options on how to treat your pain, such as the use of topical pain relief medication.

Talk to your doctors at Injury Rehabilitation Specialists to see whether or not your pain treatment could benefit from switching from oral medicine to topical treatments or if you should need more painkillers and oral medication.

Also, many prescription insurance plans are now covering compounded prescriptions, which are improving the availability of these pain medications in Aurora CO.


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