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“Get MRIs, X-Rays And CT Scans For Health Scanning In Aurora CO?”


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Why would you need an MRI scan, X-Ray or CT Scan in Aurora CO?

Health Images In Aurora COAn MRI scan can be used as an extremely accurate method of disease detection throughout the body. They may be done to provide more information about a problem seen on X-ray, ultrasound, or CT scan and, in some cases, provide more information than any of these other procedures.

An MRI scan is apt at presenting clear pictures of the body that are surrounded by bone tissue, so the technique is useful when examining the brain and spinal cord.

Neurosurgeons use MRI scans in defining a patient’s brain anatomy. These scans can also show any bleeding or swelling in that region.

A head MRI (one of the most common types of health images in Aurora CO) can often find abnormalities such as brain aneurysms, stroke, tumors of the brain, as well as tumors or inflammation of the spine. MRI scans can show the strands of abnormal tissue that occur if someone has multiple sclerosis.

They often make it possible to see changes occurring when there is bleeding in the brain, or find out if the brain tissue have suffered lack of oxygen after a stroke.

Doctors and Surgeons also use MRI scans to evaluate spinal cords after a trauma since they can show problems associated with the vertebrae or intervertebral discs of the spine.

Health images like MRIs, X-Rays and CT Scans in Aurora CO are often done to evaluate the structure of the heart and aorta, where they can aneurysms or tears. They are able to detect heart defects that have been building up since birth, as well as changes in the thickness of the muscles around the heart following a heart attack.

MRI scans provide valuable information on glands and organs within the abdomen, and accurate information about the structure of the joints, soft tissues, and bones of the body.

Because the MRI scan gives very detailed pictures it is the best technique when it comes to finding tumors (benign or malignant abnormal growths) in the brain, including if or how much it may be spread into nearby brain tissue. The method can also be used to examine the joints, spine and sometimes the soft parts of your body such as the liver, kidneys, and spleen.

Often, surgery can be deferred or more accurately directed after knowing the results of an MRI scan and that in itself may be a good reason to have an MRI.

About Medical X-Rays And Other Images for Health Scanning In Aurora CO:

Medical x-rays are used to see what is happening inside the body. X-rays pass through objects, including internal organs, body tissue, and clothing, and project a picture onto film or a detector to a computer monitor.

In general, denser objects, like bones, absorb more radiation, reducing the amount of radiation that passes through to the detector. This is why bones appear white on x-ray images.

Specially trained physicians called radiologists can read these images to diagnose medical conditions or injuries.

A conventional (or regular) medical x-ray produces a two-dimensional picture that can help find fractures (broken bones), tumors and foreign objects. Medical x-rays are also used in other types of examinations and procedures, including CT scans and fluoroscopy.

Different imaging procedures expose patients to different amounts of radiation. Conventional and dental x-ray procedures and mammography use relatively low amounts of radiation. CT scans and fluoroscopic procedures involve multiple exposures and/or a longer exposure to radiation resulting in higher doses.

As with any medical test, the information gained from an x-ray procedure should outweigh the risk from radiation. Medical imaging; MRIs, X-Rays and obtaining health images in Aurora CO is a very powerful and valuable technique that can provide important and lifesaving information.

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