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“Medical Center In Aurora CO Offers Full Medical Examinations!”


*If you’re looking for a medical center in Northglenn CO, we are now open for business and we welcome all new patients and walk-ins. Please take note of the Northglenn CO address: 11411 Pearl St. Northglenn, CO 80233 – thanks and we hope to treat you soon.

All of our new patients at Injury Rehabilitation Specialists will undergo a complete medical examination as the first order of business. All of our MD’s and DO’s have undergone training focused in injury rehabilitation and will conduct your examination with an eye towards that ultimate goal.

This first interaction between doctor and patient allows for much more than giving your doctor a thorough understanding of your physical health, it lets you get to know your doctor on a personal basis which helps to build a bond of trust. Your doctor will be acting as your “quarterback” for your rehabilitation, choosing treatment strategies much like a quarterback on a football field chooses plays to fit the particular situation.

Medical Examinations in Aurora CO

As part of your medical examination at our medical center in Aurora CO your medical history will be thoroughly researched and reviewed by your doctor so that he has a comprehensive understanding of your current overall physical condition and your injury relating to your accident. Guided by this information, he’ll be able to construct a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

The medical examination is probably the most important part of the recovery process. You’ll always see a doctor before any treatment is provided. If you require any tests that our doctors can’t administer on the premises, we’ll always refer you to someone in our network of specialists or to an imaging facility that can provide the service quickly.

When you visit our medical center in Aurora CO you will receive your comprehensive medical examinations all on site so you don’t have to drive all over town seeing different doctors. If you do require a referral, we make sure you get in quickly and have your tests done as fast as possible.

Your medical examination is the first step in the road to your recovery. After your initial examination, your doctor will recommend a treatment program to follow. You’ll come back to see your doctor every three of four weeks so he can see how your recovery is progressing and recommend additional treatments if necessary.

When your recovery is finished, you’ll meet with all of your medical providers for a discharge appointment where the recovery process will be reviewed and any questions can be answered. Your doctor might suggest further treatments or perhaps at-home exercises. Get started on the road to recovery. Visit our medical center in Aurora CO today!


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